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Android Development Course

Android Development Course.


The ‘Android Developmentcourse is taught by experienced professionals. In recent years, the growing popularity of mobile devices has made it necessary to create applications with which to meet users’ needs. The aim is to train professionals capable of developing great Native Mobile Applications.


The course takes place in Rome, in our headquarters in Viale Bartolomeo Cavaceppi 113.


4 Weeks


The course is open to everyone, there are no pre-requisites. Contact us for an interview, during which we can design your training course experience together.

Course Content.

  • Module 1

    Introduction to object-oriented programming and use of the Kotlin language.

  • Module 2

    Architectural patterns, UI realisation and application lifecycle management.

  • Module 3

    Networking layer management, REST services, thread management, services and asynchronous tasks.

  • Module 4

    Push notifications, deep linking, database and disk storage.

  • Module 5

    Maps, animations, augmented reality and finally publication on the Play Store.

Course Reviews.

Andrea Aceto
Andrea Aceto Android developer at Wakala srl
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"I joined Wakala in 2020 already knowing the basics of Android development, and in a short time I have achieved important milestones by sharing different experiences in the field of programming. Thank you very much."
Flavio Pucci
Flavio PucciAndroid developer at Wakala srl
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‘I started an internship at the beginning of December 2023 and was immediately supported by a very competent person who helped me to learn very well everything that would be useful for Android-side software development within a few months.’
Giorgia Giacomazzo
Giorgia GiacomazzoAndroid developer at Wakala srl
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"The internship at Wakala was my first approach to Android development for an app used by many people, it taught me a lot: on a technical level I broadened my knowledge of programming, but above all I learnt how to work in a team with different skills. It was the perfect opportunity to insert myself into this world."

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