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Health Monitoring.

HealthMonitoring is the application that allows the real-time measurement and monitoring of a person’s vital parameters both during normal daily activities and during physical activity, signalling any dangerous situations when threshold values are exceeded.
The acquisition of vital parameters is carried out through connection to a smartwatch, and it is extremely easy and intuitive for the user.
The application is available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Parameters: heart rate, breathing frequency, blood oxygenation, body temperature, blood pressure, stress level

Vital Parameters.

HealthMonitoring is able to monitor the four basic vital parameters identified by the WHO (World Health Organisation) by enriching the offer with the monitoring of Stress Level and Blood Oxygenation.

Monitoring and Alert.

  • The application displays real-time vital data acquired via smartwatch;
    Real-time data are displayed together with graphs of the last measurements taken for each vital parameter;
    The application issues an alert in the form of a notification if a vital parameter shows values outside the normal ranges (published by the WHO – World Health Organisation);
    The frequency of alerts is adjustable by the user;
    The alert history makes it possible to view the values recorded at any time and is broken down by type of vital parameter.
soluzione HealthMonitor per Smartphone, SmartWatch & SmartRing

Physical Activity.

HealthMonitoring allows monitoring of vital parameters (Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygenation) of a person even during physical activity, whether outdoors or indoors. Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Respiratory Rate, Blood Oxygenation) of the person even during a physical activity, whether outdoors or indoors.
In the case of physical activity carried out outdoors, the system will be able, at the end of the workout, to plot the route taken on a map;

During the physical activity, the software will record the user’s vital parameters;

Workouts will be viewable through a history that will show:

  • Route covered (in the case of outdoor activities);
  • Distance covered (in the case of outdoor activities);
  • Average values of vital parameters;
  • Graphs to display the trend, throughout the duration of the physical activity, of each vital parameter;
  • Duration of exercise;
  • Date on which the workout took place.

Our Offer.

Our HealthMonitoring comes in two solutions:

  1. Mobile App + Branded Smartwatch: A smartwatch with highly accurate sensors for measuring vital parameters and customisable with the logo provided by the customer is supplied with the app;
  2. Mobile App with proprietary SDK build for integration with smartwatches supporting OS WearOS (Android) and WatchOS (iOS).


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