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TotemPass is an all-in-one solution that is configured as an access control system based on facial recognition and/or fingerprint recognition.

 Through its integrated sensors, the system is able to detect the person’s body temperature, optionally denying access if pre-set thresholds are exceeded.

Totempass sensors: front camera, temperature sensor, front display, positioning sensor

The Hardware.

The totem comes with the following components:

  • Front Screen (touch-screen) for user interaction;
  • Distance Sensor, for measuring the distance between the user and the totem;
  • Temperature measuring Sensor;
  • Front Camera for facial recognition;

Additional Components.

On request, the totem can be equipped with the following components:

  • Fingerprint detection system;
  • Pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen saturation;
  • Sanitising liquid dispensing system (contactless);
  • Storage compartment for masks and gloves;
  • Provision for automatic opening of access turnstiles.
Totempass components: digital print scanner, pulse oximeter, ogienizing liquid dispenser, mask and gloves locker, automatically opening turnstile

The Software.

The software solution consists of:

  • Management Web App: allows system administrators to manage the master data of employees, or users to be censored, and send a registration notification to the app on their smartphone;
  • Native App for OS iOS and Android: allows users who have received the registration notification to accept/sign the information provided by the anti-COVID regulations and upload a photo of their face that will later be used to be recognised by TOTEM and gain access to the company.


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