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UX/UI Design.


User experience (also commonly abbreviated UX) can be defined as the set of elements that relate to a user’s interaction with a brand and its products, services or functionalities, but also the perceptions and emotions felt during an encounter with a company online and offline.

The term ‘user experience’ was originally used in the 1990s by cognitive psychologist Don Norman, in the years when technology was just beginning to expand. But in reality, the principles of user experience were already being applied thousands of years ago in China with feng shui. Practitioners believe, in fact, that the arrangement of furniture can bring good luck and well-being.

Pros of UX Research.

Brand Building

Lower Drop-out Rate

Better SEO

Lower Dev Costs

Better Conversion Rate

UX/UI in Wakala.

Ricerca secondaria di dati sugli utenti e sul mercato

UX Research.

UX Research, or User Experience Research, is a fundamental process in the development of our digital products and services.

This practice aims to deeply understand users’ needs, expectations and behaviour in order to optimise usability and satisfaction. Through methods such as interviews, usability testing and data analysis, UX experts try to identify the challenges users may encounter while interacting with a system.

The approach to UX research is iterative, allowing for constant refinement in response to user feedback.


During UX analysis, experts explore product usability, assessing ease of navigation, clarity of information and effective problem solving. User experience maps and prototypes help visualise the user journey and identify any critical points. UX analysis is based on principles of cognitive psychology and user-centred design, with the aim of optimising customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Analisi dei dati raccolti in fase di ricerca
Raccolta dei feedback dell'utente

Prototyping and Testing.

Prototyping a digital product is a crucial step in the development process, allowing design and development teams to preview how the product will look and behave.

Prototypes serve to translate abstract ideas into tangible representations, facilitating understanding of user interactions and system usability. During this phase, iterative versions of the product are created, allowing the user experience to be refined and optimised.

Digital prototypes can range from low to high fidelity, depending on the needs of the project. They allow hypotheses to be tested, feedback to be gathered from users and design issues to be identified before actual launch. This rapid and iterative approach reduces the risk of costly errors and improves the final quality of the product.


We are convinced that websites are and should be for everyone. That is why we strive to realise accessible projects according to the WCAG and AGID guidelines, starting from the design phase to create a universal product that can be used by everyone, everywhere and at any time.

We carry out accessibility assessments and accessibility reports to assess and certify the universality of our products.

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